SoloAssist II

SoloAssist II

Robotic technologies and systems are starting to find more and more places in the medical industry. Especially in the field of surgical operation, many usage models aiming to assist Surgeons in operations and to increase and support the surgeon's comfort in procedures are increasingly supported by assistant systems. At this stage, the aim is not about changing the position of the Surgeon in the field of Surgery, but about improving his skills.

AKTORmed, the German market leader in robotic support systems guiding endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery, has more than ten years of experience. As Novamed, we are honored to convey these experiences to Hospitals and Surgeons in the market in cooperation with AKTORmed in Turkey. In this context, our SOLOASSIST II platform constitutes an industrial reference point in today's technologies in terms of flexibility, functionality and operability. We are currently targeting Surgical procedures for general surgery, urology, gynecology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery.

As an innovation-focused company, we are constantly researching and working to bring new products to Healthcare Professionals in other application areas.

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Stable Operational Field of View
The system is designed to provide surgeons with a stable and unsteady OP field of view, even in the most difficult endoscopic positions. The wide range of motion allows surgeons to fully view the operation areas without any restriction or strain. You do not need to change your usual way of working.

Precise Robotic control
With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons always work with both hands. At this stage, SOLOASSIST is controlled by a joystick placed on the device. The ergonomic joystick is designed to fit all commercially available Laparoscopic hand tools using a clamp mount. The functional design of the joystick makes it easy to use and the keypad ensures the safety of the operation.

Simple Installation and Placement
Thanks to the quick connection device, it is very easy to place the system on the OP table. After the operation is completed and the operation is over, the arm is simply hung on the cart. The trolley has a fully movable wheel mechanism and is used to store and transfer the SOLOASSIST.

With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons can work with both hands. As a result, SOLOASSIST is controlled by a joystick placed on the device. The ergonomic joystick can be adapted to fit any commercially available handset using a clamp slot. The functional design of the joystick makes it easy to use and the keypad ensures the safety of the operation.

Robotic camera control
Intelligent support systems for minimally invasive surgery

Fixed field of view
The system provides surgeons a stable, clear and solid field of view in Surgical Procedures, even in the most difficult endoscope positions.
The wide range of motion allows surgeons to view the operating areas in a fully comfortable manner without any restrictions. You do not need to change your usual Laparoscopic way of working and routine.

Safe and sterile working
A stable view allows surgeons to work more comfortably, giving them a reliable view of key elements.
Even extreme camera positions can be held for as long as necessary, a significant advantage over manual camera control.
Joystick, universal joint, endoscope clamp and tension sleeve can be autoclaved. SOLOASSIST is covered with a sterile disposable cover.

Joystick control
With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons generally prefer to work with both hands. Logically, the SOLOASSIST is controlled by a joystick or sound inserted into the laparoscopic instrument used in the surgical procedure.
The ergonomic joystick can be adapted to fit the handpiece of almost any commercially available Laparoscopic handpiece using a clamp mount.
The functional and ergonomic design of the joystick makes it easy to use. The keypad increases the safety of the surgery and the orientation of the Surgeon.

Voice control
SOLOASSIST Voice control features industry-leading, state-of-the-art voice recognition design and system. Combined with a unique and intuitive set of commands, it provides smooth and direct control over surgeons' vision during endoscopic surgery.

- Independent of the speaker - There is no need for any speaking education.
- High sensitivity - average speech-to-motion time less than 200ms.
- Flawless and Error-free, more than 95% recognition rate

Manual positioning
By pressing a button on the SoloAssist system, the arm can be moved and easily pulled to the desired position. When the button is released, the handle immediately locks and remains in the set position.
The unlock button is located at the distal end of the handle in an easily accessible position.

Simple placement
Thanks to the quick connection device, it is extremely simple to dock and set up on the operating table.
After the surgical procedure is completed, the arm is placed in the cart. The cart is wheeled and fully mobile and serves for the transfer and storage of SOLOASSIST.

Benefits to the Surgeon
• Fixed positioning of the endoscope to obtain a fixed and still image
• SOLOASSIST is stable and vibration free thanks to its carbon structure. It does not shake or bend the optics, allowing the user to work tirelessly.
• Provides simple and intuitive operation with joystick
• The human hand is the most sensitive instrument used. Manual work can be done intuitively, without mental stress and fatigue. That's why you control the SOLOASSIST with an ergonomic joystick - Very simple to use.
• Precise endoscope positioning within a unique and wide range of motion
• You determine the image yourself. Without misunderstanding or waiting. Positioning is controlled and precise. Thanks to its unique range of motion, you do not need to change the way you work and your surgical routine.
• Unimpeded access to the operation area in patients, no disturbing components that obstruct the trocar area.
• SOLOASSIST supports the endoscope used in surgical operation away from the operation area and leaves a large working area for your instruments. You do not need to change your normal workspace.
• Easy to use; SoloAssist is up and running in just a few minutes.
• Simple and fast installation and disassembly. SOLOASSIST is easily attached directly to the operating table and is covered with a sterile drape while the patient is preparing for surgery.
• Reusable.
• Thanks to a flexible autoclavable component concept, SOLOASSIST is instantly ready for the next surgery - no waiting time.

Clinical and Hospital Benefits
• SOLOASSIST - strengthens the image of your clinic.
• As a clinical operator, you face increasing competition for patients and qualified staff from other clinics and hospitals today. In addition to medical proficiency, a modern and positive image is one of the key competitive advantages. Document your leadership in innovation by introducing robotic surgery.
• Enhanced programming efficiency
• SOLOASSIST is always available to provide assistance even outside normal working hours, without the need for anyone else.
• Easy going
• SOLOASSIST is compatible with all common operating tables and endoscopes, thus protecting your investments.
• Installation and dismantling can be carried out in parallel with the normal workflow, in addition to the running time.
• Cost effective
• SOLOASSIST is completely maintenance free. Expenditure on disposable covers is not at a high additional cost.
• To alleviate the pressure and workload on valuable employees
• Static and stable holding of the endoscope is tiring for an assistant. This task is now handled by SOLOASSIST. The assistant is thus free to focus on more rigorous and additional important tasks.
SOLOASSIST - useful for education
• Freed from the exhausting workload of directing and using the endoscope, assistant physicians have more time to follow the operational stages required by their instructors more carefully, and thus can be integrated into Clinics as equal and valuable team members in a shorter time.

Surgery and Technology in Harmony
Nowadays, laparoscopic techniques have been accepted as the standard procedure for a wide variety of surgical interventions. Excellent imaging is the basis for safe and effective surgery. Stable and immobile support and flexible positioning of the Endoscope are of great importance, especially in long-term surgical procedures. This is where SOLOASSIST is ideal and effective for you and your team.