SoloAssist II Voice Control System

SoloAssist II Voice Control System

SOLOASSIST Voice Control is designed and developed with the industry-leading, state-of-the-art voice recognition engine. Combined with a unique and intuitive set of commands, it provides smooth and direct control over surgeons' vision in the operational field during endoscopic surgeries.

Main Features
- Speaker-independent - no speaking training required
- High sensitivity - average speech-to-motion time less than 200ms
- Flawless and Sharp detection - over 95% recognition rate
- Compatible with joystick control feature
Intuitive command set
The command set of the SOLOASSIST Voice Control allows precise control over the positioning of the endoscope during operation in the Operational area. Cerrag is started any script sequence with the special word 'SOLO'. After the custom word has been recognized, commands are accepted for five seconds. If no commands are recognized during this time, Voice Control returns to standby mode and waits for the specific word again.

Orientation of the Endoscope
Four main directions (UP-UP, DOWN-DOWN, LEFT-LEFT, RIGHT-RIGHT) and zoom (INNER-INNER, OUT-OUT), A distance shifter (ONE-ONE, TWO-TWO) to get an accurate control over the optics , THREE-THREE, FIVE-FIVE, ON-TEN). In addition, it is possible to use the keywords TOP-TOP and BOTTOM-BOTTOM to move diagonally. MOVE-MOVE command repeats the last move.

Saving positions
Sometimes it can help to save a specific endoscope position during surgery and return to that saved position when desired. With the keywords SAVE and RESTORE, you can save up to three locations and restore this view as needed. With RETURN it is possible to undo the last movement.

Speed ​​settings
The speed of SOLOASSIST movements with ONE-ONE, TWO-TWO or THREE-THREE, following the SPEED-SPEED keyword, can be set to three preset speeds.