PneuView® XE is a closed circuit active smoke eliminator. As the pneumo flows from the insufflator to the patient, the abdominal gas, smoke, and combustion byproducts PneuView® XE pass through the central system via the Aapiration device and are removed from the Operating Room.

ULPA Filtration 

PneuView® XE Active Fume Eliminator offers ULPA filtration to 0.01 micron that removes all harmful combustion-related contaminants, including viral particles.

A New Look 

Dramatically improve your image quality. PneuVIEW® XE actively evacuates and removes all smoke generated, including hazardous gas, for a clear view throughout the surgery.

Special Evacuation 

With its unique push button valve system, the PneuVIEW® XE allows the surgical team to customize the amount of smoke removal needed instantly. It can remove surgical condensed gas particles up to 15 liters per minute and harmful byproducts formed and provides a clear field of view while protecting pneumoperitoneum