InsuflowPort® is the only gas healing trocar and tubing set that provides 95 ° Fahrenheit and 95% Moisture Carbon Dioxide to optimize visualization with clinical benefits.

Enhanced Quality Visuals 

Heating and humidifying the carbon dioxide inside the Trocar as it enters the body significantly reduces the optic fogging rate for optimum visualization.


InsuflowPort® provides sufficient flow rate and pneumoperitoneum even with a tool in the Trocar. Gas does not flow through the port channel or Trocar lumen. The gas flow splits into an isolated outer duct that carries the gas away from the port end and is given laterally.

Clinical Results 

It provides the following results by heating and humidifying the pneumo to 95 ° F / 95% and reducing cell drying:

• Less hypothermia
• Less peritoneal damage
• Less postoperative pain
• Reduced amount of pain medication
• Shortening of hospital stay
• Increasing patient satisfaction

InsuflowPort® Series * 

InsuflowPort® is available in multiple size options customized to your needs.
5 mm
10 mm
12 mm
* All sizes are available in Bariatric lengthr