EndoFix EXO

EndoFix EXO

Passive support arm
A flexible assistance system that opens new horizons for your surgeon.

Passive support arm for endoscope positioning
• Possibility to make progressive and precise adjustments at the press of a button.
• A steady and steady image increases the quality of the surgery.

Fixed Operation field of view
• The system provides surgeons a stable and rock-solid Operational field of view, even in difficult endoscopic positions.
• Wide range of motion provides surgeons full and clear visibility of the operational area without any restrictions. One does not need to change the usual way of working.

Safe and Sterile Surgical Procedures
• Stable view allows surgeons to work more comfortably and maintain a reliable view of key elements during the Surgery phase.
• Even difficult camera positions can be kept constant for as long as necessary, a significant advantage over manual camera control.
• Front support arm of the device can also be autoclaved. The device is covered with a sterile disposable cover.

Simple Placement and Installation
• Thanks to the quick connection device, it is very easy to place the system on the operating table. If it is necessary to change the surgical intervention, the support arm can be detached from the operating table within a few seconds.
• After the procedure, the arm is easily and simply attached to the car. The cart is used for the storage and transportation of ENDOFIX exo.