EndoClot® Adhesive

EndoClot® Adhesive

Both Clinical and Biomaterials Specialist

- EndoClot® PHS
- EndoClot® Adhesive
- EndoClot® SIS

EndoClot® Adhesive, Adhesive Hemostatic Polymer (AHP)

It is a single use hemostatic product consisting of a special applicator to ensure correct delivery to the lesion in the gastrointestinal tract.
Adhesive Hemostatic Polymer (AHP) particles have a hydrophilic nature and instantly form a gel barrier when in contact with blood or Gastrointestinal fluids.
Adhesive Hemostatic Polymer (AHP) particles also consist of a highly adhesive form to help preserve clot formation and seal and protect the wound for several days.

Major Features:
• Hydrophilic and adhesive
• Gel Shaping
• Long lasting
• Resistance to acids

Main Benefits;
• Stops bleeding
• Closes the wound
• Reduces re-bleeding
• Protects the mucosa